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Louisville’s Finest Southern-American Dining
“The Village Anchor is a cozy village bistro with a southern-inspired menu served amidst artful décor.”
-Kevin Grangier, Founder & Owner

About Us

A convivial, accommodating, and relaxing European retreat is the inspiration behind Kevin Grangier’s principal addition to Louisville’s culinary landscape – the Village Anchor and its sister bar the Sea Hag Pub.

Whether dining under the stars on the 60-seat Sea Hag Patio, or on the romantic iron-clad Victorian Lanai at the Anchor with Eartha Kitt and Frank Sinatra lightly crooning in the distance, Kevin Grangier and his excellent team guarantee your experience to be both unique and memorable, and your food eclectic and exceptional.

A village-focused European “roost” where a lively Parisian bistro greets the more traditional English pub – to accommodate any mood, and to motivate a tremendous dining experience!